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Our Project

We are raising money for ISLA NG BATA, the NGO that runs the social house for girls where Carla is volunteering.

Chiodo will ride his bike from Italy to the Philippines for around 20.000 km, and we will try to raise funds for an equal sum of 20.000 €. This budget will ensure meals for the whole year for all the residents of the house.
We need your support to transform our dream into reality.

Road to the Philippines

Chiodo will ride his bike from Parabiago to the Philippines. He has always wanted to cycle all around the world, but he has never had a chance because of his job and the recent Covid-19 situation. But when Carla told him she would have gone to the Philippines to volunteer in an NGO, an idea popped into his mind. It was very simple: he would raise money for the NGO by reaching his girlfriend by bike. Everything was set, so he decided to pack his bike with the essentials, like some clothes and a tent. He started his adventure on the 9th of August. Today he is somewhere in the world between Italy and the Philippines, fullfilling his dream of raising money for something good. With your help they can provide food for a year to all the girls living in the NGO!

Isla NG Bata

The Bata ng Calabnugan, Inc. is an NGO founded in 2005 by the Italian Francesco Izzo, the Filipino Flora Aguit and some volunteers with the idea of providing a safe and caring environment for orphaned and at-risk girls. The headquarters are situated in Sibulan, Dumaguete and the surrounding areas in Region VII on the Island of Negros, the Philippines.


They decided to put their effort in helping girls who are often the most vulnerable to neglect and abuse. The girls of Bata ng Calabnugan, Inc. come from a large variety of backgrounds, including those who have been abandoned by their families, living on the street, experienced physical or sexual abuse, or also who have mental or physical disabilities.

About Us


C urious

I love meeting new people, and discovering new places and new ways of living: they are so many, that an entire life would not be enough!
A ctive

I have always been involved in socially useful activities: I volunteered both in Italy and in different other countries (Kenya, Brasil, Morocco and Kosovo) to get to the International Civil Service, the peak of my all experiences.

R espectful
Respect without judging is the key to deal with any new reality. I try to observe, listen, learn and understand everything around me.

L ucky
I often forget how lucky I am: I have a family who supports me, I have the possibility to study, I live in a peaceful country. Therefore, I’m trying my best to share that luck with other people.

A ltruistic

Give your time, give your love, give your things: be present. This is my motto!


C hiodo

It is my nickname, short for my surname. It means “nail” in italian. 

H ospitable

I enjoy receiving people from all over the world in my home. It is like traveling staying at home.

I ntrepid

I am determined to achive my goals, fear is a limit inside our head.

O pen minded

I am always open to new experiences, to meet different people and learn as much as I can from unexpected situations.

D ynamic

you have to seek balance through moving, not standing still!

O ptimist

There is a solution to any problem, sometimes more than one; you only need to look for it!

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